2006 : a difficult year with some pleasant surprises

2006 was a challenging year though the Crémants were very good and the Grands Crus of Eichberg and Pfersigberg were very sophisticated of bouquet.

  • The winter was cold and long – on March 4th it snowed all day
  • By May 24th, the vines had reached a stage where six or seven leaves had opened and they began to flower between June 10th - 20th in perfect climatic conditions
  • From June 15th, through to the end of July, temperatures were very high during which period no rain fell whatsoever between July 8th and July 28th. By the end of July, the vines were beginning to suffer from dryness with the leaves turning yellow. Some of the grapes suffered through being baked by the sun
  • August was cold and damp – the temperatures having dropped by some 10°C in comparison with those of July - and there were frequent precipitations. Though the rain at the start of August was beneficial to the vines following the dryness of July, that which fell in the second half of the month prevented the grapes from maturing satisfactorily. Ripening began between August 9th and 11th
  • The first half of September was hot and dry – the harvesting for Crémants started on September 11th and its quality was excellent with good levels of alcohol and acidity
  • The weather changed quickly on September 16th and 17th – heavy rainfall was followed by hot weather. The grapes growing on alluvial soil began to rot meaning that we needed to harvest quickly
  • September 24th and 25th saw 40mm of rain which caused grapes to explode and rot. Temperatures remained high for the time of year and we harvested as much as we could between September 26th and 30th
  • A huge storm broke at 6pm on September 30th and by October 9th we had completed the harvest
  • No vendanges tardives were possible in 2006

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