2010 : fresh wines of exceptional precision

A cold year resulting in a low yield of grapes which were nonetheless of a very high quality. Both still and sparkling wines have a wonderful freshness and precision to them. Of particular note were the Rieslings – super-concentrated and especially rich in acidity and flavour. Riesling from this year needed to be laid down until at least 2015 to be enjoyed to the full.

•    An exceptionally cold winter which saw the mercury drop to -22°C in mid-December 2009. This resulted in some vineyards suffering severe damage and many young vines being killed by the frost
•    As well as being cold, the winter was also long with snowfall continuing into March
•    The first shoots appeared late towards May 1st and the following month remained cold but dry
•    By June 1st, there were five to six leaves on each vine and, by the middle of the month, the rain came. The vines flowered from June 14th to June 23rd but the continuing cold caused the phenomenon of millerandage (where the grapes fail to develop properly) as a result of which 95% of our Muscat Ottonel crop was lost and our Gewürztraminer and Riesling crops were also badly impacted. From the end of June through mid-July, the weather initially turned hotter but cooled down thereafter
•    August was cool and wet with 40mm of rain on the 14th and after which the grapes began to rot.
•    Rain fell between September 7th – 9th but conditions dried up and were fine until picking began. The harvest started on September 15th for the Crémants and at the beginning of October for the AOC Alsace wines. The quantity of grapes produced was very small and the levels of alcohol and acidity high.  
•    No “vendange tardive” wines were produced in the 2010 vintage

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