Vintage 2014

A cool year in weather terms which, though demanding of the wine grower, nonetheless produced very pleasant wines – precise and elegant in character and of a satisfactory concentration. A very thorough selection of the grapes was essential in order to produce wines of the highest quality. 

•    The winter was damp and mild during which the temperature rarely dropped below zero.
•    From 1st to 20th March, the weather was exceptionally warm and dry – sometimes reaching 18°C by mid-afternoon. The heat and dryness continued until April 25th by which time the vines had already begun to flower. Frost damage was sustained by 15% of the potential crop on certain parcels of land in the Harth de Colmar and in Herrlisheim.
•    May was pleasant with some light rain.
•    The vines began to flower on June 1st and the month was hot and very dry.
•    July, on the other hand, was very wet with a total of 150mm of rain falling during the period. August was cool, as a result of which the start of the harvest was delayed – initially envisaged to take place at the end of the month, the picking of the Crémant grapes finally commenced on September 5th. 
•    The month of September was fine but rot set in on the lighter soils in Harth. A rigorous selection process was necessary to ensure that the fruit touched by grey rot was ejected.
•    The harvest was made yet more challenging by the appearance of a new and unwelcome phenomenon, that of the Asian “Drosophila Suzukii” (or spotted-wing drosophila). This vinegar fly is a pest which predominantly attacks red grapes such as the red Muscat d’Alsace, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer varietals. The grapes infested are damaged by acetic rot with those which are perfectly ripe are particularly at risk. Consequently, the selection process becomes exacting and the yield reduced. It was necessary to increase the number of pickers to speed up the harvest which was small in terms of quantity.

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