2013 : A year where wine-growing meticulousness is rewarded

2013 is a vintage which reflects and rewards the year-round efforts of the winegrower in his vineyard. The wines from this year are fine and elegant. Revealing fine flavour complexities, they are perfectly suited to be drunk whilst young.

•    Though the winter months of January and February were relatively mild, they were very wet. March saw the weather become colder gradually and there was some snow
•    In spite of two short summer-like periods, April was for the most part cool and wet. The first green shoots appeared at the end of the month and this process continued through the beginning of May
•    May too was cool and wet. By May 22nd, five leaves had opened and by June 20th, the vines were in flower. Like May, June was a fresh and damp month with 50mm of rain falling in Eguisheim. From July 10th, the weather turned hot and dry and continued thus until August 5th. On August 6th rain and hail fell wiping out 20 to 30% of the crops found on the alluvial terroirs in Colmar. The remainder of the month was dry if a little cooler than July with light rain falling at the very end of August
•    Early September was dry and hot with light rain on September 8th and 18th but these precipitations had no impact on the grapes

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