2007 : a vintage blessed by an Indian summer

2007 was one of the finest vintages of the past decade producing wines that were full of body, rich in flavour and well concentrated, and in which the Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer were especially good. The fine weather conditions later in the season enabled us to produce fantastic “vendanges tardives”.
•    Though the winter of 2006-7 was mild in general, March was cold
•    April was warm and dry and by the 22nd of the month, the vine shoots were between 10 to 15 cm in length with 3 – 5 leaves open
•    May too was warm but wetter with 60mm of rain with the vines coming into flower between 20th and 28th
•    June was cold and wet with 110mm of rain and low night-time temperatures of 10 – 15°C
•    On the evening of June 20th, a huge thunderstorm containing hail broke over an area of 300 hectares, destroying 100% of the vines in Bennwihr and Mittelwihr. The Domaine Charles Baur sustained losses of between 30 – 50% on some of our parcels around Colmar
•    July and August were wet and cool with 70mm of rain falling over two months with an average temperature of 18°C in July and 52mm of precipitations in August. Ripening had started early on July 20th but by August 15th the grapes had started to rot with the Pinot Noir variety particularly impacted. Picking for the Crémants started on August 28th with particular care paid to the Pinot Noir grapes
•    September saw an improvement in the weather with drier, sunnier days and this pattern continued through November 11th. Harvesting stopped temporarily following the picking of the Crémant grapes to take advantage of the beautiful weather. The grapes continued to ripen under perfect conditions which enabled us to produce fabulous “vendanges tardives”. The picking of the grapes for this “late harvest” wine required two or three selection processes as the occurrence of “noble rot” had been slowed down by the dry weather.  

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