2012 : Elegant wines, typical of Alsace

Despite the curse of mildew, 2012 was a good year and enabled us to produce wines that are typical of Alsace. Grapes of excellent quality  and of every variety were harvested from all our terroirs.

•    January was dry and mild
•    A big chill was experienced during the first two weeks of February with night-time temperatures dropping to -15°C. All of our vines (with the exception of those in the Brand vineyard) had been earthed up the previous autumn
•    February and March were dry and the months of April and May humid
•    The appearance of the first green shoots was later than in prior years, taking place around May 1st
•    The vines broke into flower at the start of June and continued to bloom for the whole month because of the rain that was regular and frequent. The risk of diseases such as oidium (fungus) and mildew was particularly high
•    The rain continued in force throughout July (where 73mm fell) and then eased off in August. At the end of August, a sustained period of dry and hot weather set in. Though the vine leaves bore traces of mildew, the grape harvest was spared. The remaining oidium spores were dried out by the warmer weather
•    Harvesting for the Crémants began on September 5th and from 24th for the still wines. Though the quality of the crop was good, the rain which fell between October 6th – 10th put paid to the later harvest and no “vendanges tardives” were possible this year
•    November and December were cool and damp

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