Poire Williams

The Williams pear is a sweet, juicy and highly aromatic fruit.

Tasting notes: The flavours given by the pear, both to the nose and in the mouth, are intense and well-rounded.

Serving suggestions: This “eau-de-vie” should be served well chilled (8 to 10°C). Excellent as a digestif, this spirit matches well with a pear sorbet.


Process: The pears are harvested once the stalk of the fruit becomes tender to the touch. They are picked and carefully placed in plastic crates for approximately two weeks. This allows the fruit to reach maximum maturity – a state which is characterised by extreme juiciness. During this period, the pears are sorted three times. With each sorting, the ripe fruit is crushed and placed in tanks where fermentation takes place. During the fermentation process, the pear cap is punched down every day. After the two distillation processes, the “eau de vie” is aged for at least six months in glass demijohns.

Alcohol : 45%

1 x 70 cl