Charles Baur's signature style

Our vineyards are organically cultivated and the wines now produced carry “bio” certification. To produce the finest wines possible, our focus is on quality rather than quantity. To maintain the highest standards, all our grapes are harvested by hand. A first selection of the grapes is carried out by the sixteen grape-pickers in our team, followed by a second selection carried out to ensure only the best fruit is retained.  The grapes are then transported in plastic bins which are carefully filled to make sure that the fruit is not crushed or damaged.

Upon reaching the cellar, our aim is to produce wines that deserve the honour of carrying the Charles Baur name – wines that speak of the terroir from which they originate and carry the hallmarks of great finesse, balance and flavours which are complex.

As Charles Baur himself was fond of saying to his heirs and those loyal to his products “A great wine is one where two glasses alone do not suffice, three glasses at a minimum should be drunk!”.

As our family are lovers of the finest cuisine from France and beyond, it is perhaps fitting and certainly a great pleasure for us to produce wines which can be enjoyed with the cooking of the finest chefs both within our country and elsewhere in the world.

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