Crémants d’Alsace

The grapes are harvested when they have reached optimal acidity and reach an alcohol content of between ten and eleven degrees. The picking is carried out by hand and the grapes rigorously selected with rotten or withered fruit discarded.

The grapes are transported in fruit bins or “bottiches” – lightly loaded to preserve cluster integrity and avoid bitter elements finding their way into the vinification process. This aids the selection process of the juices ultimately used.

Pressing of the whole cluster of grapes is carried out slowly and at low pressure. Following this process, the best juices are selected and retained.

The juices are fermented with the aim of achieving fresh, clean-tasting and dry wines. The base wines are allowed to age until the end of April. For our Crémant d’Alsace Blanc Brut and “Emotion” the base wines are blended – a delicate process requiring creativity and discernment.

The base wines are then bottled for a second process of fermentation which takes placed in hermetically-sealed bottles at low temperature (11-13°C) to ensure fine and persistent bubbles.

Following the second fermentation, the bottles are placed in storage to begin the aging process. Wine matures with yeast which enhance flavour complexity and the wine structure. The length of the aging process is carried out with the aim of ensuring optimal flavours and freshness of taste.

When the maturing process is complete, the yeast deposits are removed by disgorging. A dosage may be added if deemed necessary providing this is in keeping with the character of the grapes from which the wine is produced.

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